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I write a horror books column for the Toronto Star and I wrote and reviewed for Rue Morgue for close to a decade. In the process, and in writing my own horror fiction and contributing think-pieces to newspapers and magazines, I've been whittling away at the Big Questions—like, what is the horror genre and what isn’t? What needs and emotions does horror satisfy? How does horror WORK? What historical and literary/folk traditions continue to feed it? I’m also interested in why artists and fans came to the genre and what books, movies, and life experiences that made them a horror fan.

I created The Veil to scratch that itch and, hopefully, to give like-minded fans a gathering place for communal deep dives on topics (and artists) that are too often treated with generalizations and platitudes. I’ll be interviewing authors, filmmakers, and academics, while occasionally tossing my hat into the ring with a personal essay or review. I may even publish a few short stories. I’m also hoping readers will give full vent to their musings, memories, crackpot theories, and hot takes in the comments section (while remembering that we’re all fans here, and none of this need be personal).

The Veil will ALWAYS be free, but a subscriptions will get you full access to the newsletter and website on a timely basis. The more subscribers I get, the better my chances of landing interviews with the artists we know (or should know) and love. Also, there will be contests for subscribers in the future!

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